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    EURoadTrip2018 – Goodwood Festival of Speed

    Last night I caught myself grinning like a teenager again, as I reflected on the weekends events. Kevin Anderson playing in the Wimbledon final, Brad Binder taking his first Moto2 victory and my very own travel buddy eclipsing 8 other Aston Martin VIP’s, from around the world, for the prized pillion seat in the Vulcan up the Hill at Goodwood Festival of Speed. Words escape me. What a day! Another first, overnight Ferry to France, let the roadtrip continue!!!

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    EURoadTrip2018 – Alfaholics

    Special day at the much anticipated Holy Grail, Alfaholics! Unannounced we received a warm welcome and tour through the facilities! might have been the rain! Impressive levels of stock for 105 Alfa’s, dispatched all over the world! Carbon, aluminum and magnesium trick bits, need to rob a bank. £250k builds… Let the images speak for themselves. Struggling to understand how the chop managed to get out of his car without inflicting damage upon his person! although he did walk funny…

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    EURoadTrip2018 – Aston Martin

    Bike theft, a real problem in the UK, called for proper measures! Full Monty Breakfast means just that. Still digesting the little bit I managed to work through! Thanks Alex J Jackson for a good time & a great ride, you are indeed a good guide! VIP treatment at Aston Martin with awesome Museum & Factory Tour, followed by lunch and war stories with the engineer responsible for the dog leg 7 speed gearbox in the Vantage. Surreal. Blown away that these cars are hand built to customer spec, every single one of them. Sunday is going to be epic! Continued on through stunning Cotswolds, to the beautiful seaside town of Clevedon, the…

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    EURoadTrip2018 – UK

    Last year I learned to trust the GPS, besides a few early turns (my own fault), it has been reliable. Until yesterday. Routed me into truck euro crossing. Frustrating waste of time, but we survived. First ever EuroTunnel Crossing. 25 minutes crossing at 110Euro, yes, but don’t forget the 45minute wait and boarding process. Great time for a power nap. Pretty slick operation! Switching back to left hand side of road is not as seemless as one would expect. Lot to be said about attacking a roundabout from the right, althoughs locals seem to frown apon it! Popped into Brands Hatch on our way up. Another awesome facility with multiple activities on the…