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    Track Experience Monza

    What a treat, couple laps around Monza, under professional instruction, Drivers Briefing and Sighting lap in a minibus! Spoiled for choice between a Porsche GT3, Ferrari 458 or 488 and Lamborghini Huracan or Gallardo, thanks to the strength of our currency my choices were limited to the Gallardo. Not that its anything to complain about, I would have been happy in my rental. Considering the weather Italy has experienced over the last month, I was relieved to wake up to mist and slight drizzle conditions. Set in the woodlands outside the city of Monza, the park littered with dog walkers and joggers, track seemingly invisible through the forest of trees, nostalgia is palpable,…

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    EURoadTrip2018 – Hockenheim – Nurburgring

    Sunday,8 July 2018, a day to remember. My wife will tell me I am being melodramatic, my mother would tell me I am just “ongewoond” (and complicated!). This post and photos, do not do the day, facilities, surroundings, bikes and especially the experience any justice. I’m trying not to hyperventilate as I recall easily one of the biggest days of my life. Last minute decision to visit Hockenheim Racing Museum enroute to ‘The Ring’. Instinctively knew the day would be good as we carved our way through back roads towards the Autobahn, ‘Scalpel’ in its natural domain, effortlessly soaking up the winding countryside roads. Lovely flowing riding. Mildly disappointed in the Motor Racing…

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    2018 KTM Dealer Conference and 790 Duke Launch

    Action packed day at Kyalami at the 2018 KTM Dealer Conference & long awaited KTM 790 Duke Launch.  Turns out JHB can be fun! A slow start to the day after a horrible night sleep in what felt like a silent disco, passing cars lights flashing through an open curtain in our hotel room! Information overload with new product and innovation introductions, much to take in! 2017 Results, PowerWear, KTM Finance, New Diagnostics, 2019 Competition Models, Marketing Initiatives, Group Photo, Training Initiatives, food, plenty of food and eventually the introduction of the 790 Duke….in between phone calls, sms and emails…  After a brief introduction and riders briefing we were allowed onto the already…