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    '84 GTV6 3.0L (Replica),  Blog

    Fuorilegge (Outlaw)

    From Replica to Outlaw. Upon closer inspection, turns out one of the sodium filled exhaust valves had failed, which is a thing! So, while the motor is out, we will take the opportunity to perform some upgrades, including some creative freedom with regards the aesthetics. So far, we have removed some surface rust from the body work, replaced the broken spotlight, painted the tappet covers black, removed the 3L badge from the boot, lowered the front suspension, replaced the front brake calipers with that of a genuine 2.5 and fitted new tyres. Planned changes to motor include fitting piston and sleeves from a 12Valve, 3L, 164 with Gotech motronic engine management system effectively…

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    '67 Sprint GT (Scalino),  Blog

    Scalino Blasted

    Scalino returned from blasting today. First sight was a bit of a shock revealing a lot more work and rust than originally visible. However, the important structural parts look very good. Suspension components have also had a makeover and look great. Let the hard work begin!

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    '84 GTV6 3.0L (Replica),  Blog

    GTV6 3.0L (Replica)

    I purchased this car under the pretense, or assumption depending on your point of view, that it was a genuine 3L GTV6. Having bought two other cars from the same owner, I paid for it in advance, so not to miss out on the deal, confirmed that it would be derivable and make the 400 odd km trip back to Cape Town. Upon collection I realise the car actually has a 2.5 motor to which the owner responds, “yes, ts a replica”. At no point was this mentioned previously, we always referred to the car as the GTV6. Needless to say, the car drops a valve 30km out of Calvinia, so we drive…