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    Porsche Day

    We decided to take the Flatnose and 996 for an outing to clear our minds and get some video footage.  “Pure emotion”, firing up the 996, reversing out the garage, slowly crawling down the street allowing mechanicals to warmup, imaging Im a race driver taking my spot on the grid. What a way to start everyday, it never gets old.  The rigid chassis, rather lifting a wheel than flexing the body (out the driveway), windows down, sunroof open, precision gear selection and effortless drone from the flat six. Sensory overload.  After much confusion about our rendezvous point, all from my side, we enjoyed a good giggle at my expense over a coffee while…

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    Porsche 356 Replica

    What a blast ive had in the last 48 hours. Checked out this replica for a friend, drove it home (in proper rain) and loaded it on the carrier for its destination. Warned that replicas are just that, I can say, value for money I would buy one in a heart beat. Yes, it’s fibreglass and flexes, but what classic doesn’t have a healthy dose of idiosyncrasies! Not that I like attention, I’ve had more in (48 hours) this car than anything else I’ve ever driven… even my volksiebus!!! Sad to say goodbye, but I see an outlaw in my very very near future!!! Thanks to all concerned for the seamless purchase and…

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    Porsche 996 – feed the soul

    They say two wheels move the body and four wheels move the Soul. I agree with the generalization, but have to say, there are cars that are good for the soul. And this is one of them. There is a sign in the Porsche Museum, which states: “When the engine starts, pure emotion. And when you set off in first gear, you are already infected by the Porsche virus.” The first new chassis since the legendary 911, with water cooled 3.4L 6cylinder motor and controversial headlights, introducing the Porsche 996. Little did I know this model was frowned upon by the purists, with its first generation water cooled motor, ims bearing failures and…

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    EURoadTrip2018 – Stuttgart

    Pouch fitted, we left for Stuttgart, via Munich Airport, destination Porsche Museum. I have new respect for Navigational Racers! Following GPS instructions, on the wrong side of the road, traffic buzzing around you, traffic lights to contend with, all the while not losing your riding buddy! Not much time left to take in the beautiful surroundings! not much time to think about anything else either. Loving it, although I’ve never been so happy to see “85km, turn right”. (Only to almost miss the turning) Did not give any prior thought of what to expect upon arrival at the Porsche Museum… what a pleasant surprise. The Brand just keeps growing on me!!! I’m “Infected”…