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    MotoGP-Qatar 2019

    I can confirm, 30 hours in Doha beats a 9 Hour layover at the airport, hands down. Especially when it includes an epic opening MotoGP! Thanks to the night race, we had time to explore our surrounds, and what a pleasant surprise Doha has been. Clean and peaceful, yet they get the job done. Makes one wonder what all the noise is about! As expected, the MotoGP did not disappoint. Never does. Hard to correlate the surprisingly small turnout with the massive following MotoGP enjoys, although made for a more intimate experience. Outstanding weekends racing set the bar high for the remainder of the trip. However, somehow I don’t see the 790 Adventure…

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    2015 MotoGP Assen – The last Saturday Race

    To celebrate our 20th Anniversary, we took a trip to Amsterdam and popped over to Belgium to visit an old family friend. By pure coincidence it, there was a MotoGP in Assen, the last Saturday race. So we decided to go, VIP style. As it turns out Rossi started from pole to win the race after coming together with Marquez on the last lap at the chicane, right in front of the VIP stand…exactly where we were sitting. Highly recommended experience, VIP tickets, although expensive, include pit access, pit walk, meals, drinks and transport to and from the track entrance. Well worth it!!! Happy Anniversary and thanks to my good wife!