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    EURoadTrip2018 – Mattighofen

    212km of unrelenting rain today. Soaked to the core, no coffee breaks, just ride! After some slipping and sliding, switched drive to “Rain Mode” for improved traction. 790 flawless through the entire 5609km. Average consumption of 5.4l/100km. Specifically designed maxxis tyres offering superb traction and longevity throughout the journey. Going to miss my Nurburgring Touring Edition. Think I shall collect her in JHB and Roadtrip home via ET… (Mpumalanga) anyone keen to join? Great catchup with the boss before returning to Munich for our last night in Europe. Thanks Fran for your assistance in making this dream come true. And lunch! And that dear friends concludes Euroadtrip2018!  

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    EURoadTrip2018 – Alfaholics

    Special day at the much anticipated Holy Grail, Alfaholics! Unannounced we received a warm welcome and tour through the facilities! might have been the rain! Impressive levels of stock for 105 Alfa’s, dispatched all over the world! Carbon, aluminum and magnesium trick bits, need to rob a bank. £250k builds… Let the images speak for themselves. Struggling to understand how the chop managed to get out of his car without inflicting damage upon his person! although he did walk funny…

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    MV Agusta Factory Tour

    The GPS warned me that the Moto Guzzi Museum only opens at 15:00, so I rerouted to MV Agusta assuming the Museum would be at the same location. Well its not. And its closed until Saturday. A blessing in disguise!!! Upon arrival at MV, I presented myself to security and whispered the password “factory tour”, not expecting much as I had not made a booking. “Uno momento” (with finger in the air) came the response as security made a quick call… and ten minutes later i had my own personal factory tour guide. Unfortunately photos are “not permitted” in the pre-production, parts bin (“supermarket”) & single line production assembly plant, but are allowed…

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    Ferrari Museum – Gallery

    Visiting Italy for EICMA 2017, popped down to Modena to visit a few Museums. First visited Ferrari back in 1999, not much has changed although a lot more commercialized and popular tourist destination. Really nice taking in the vibe of the Ferrari’s buzzing around the area and special to see my first Alfa Romeo Giulia QV right driving passed the entrance to the Factory!