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    EURoadTrip2018 – World Ducati Week

    Blast from the past, great memories of WDW2002 come rushing back. 790 Duke stood their ground in a sea of red, loud & proud and very well received! Kudos to Ducati for allowing us into their domain! (I remember being upset about the non Ducati’s in the parking lot previously, I now have some sympathy for their situation!) Great to see the Ducati Brand growing from strength to strength, even Jorge made an appearance. Still a long way to travel with much to see and do, so we hit the road early. Popped into Pagani, Lamborghini & Enzo Ferrari Museums, decided to overnight in Modena. Mind blowing dinner!!! In desperate need of a…

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    Ducati Museum Gallery

    Back in the day, when we owned Ducati Cape Town, we were privileged enough to visit Italy and Ducati regularly. Our since visit back since 2006, like Ferrari, not much has changed other than new models. Still have a massive respect and soft spot for Ducati as a Brand on and off track. Lovely to be back in their hood!

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    Bologna – Ducati – Venice

    After our first visit to Ducati in ten years, we explored the back roads to Venice. More dual way single track. Very Italian. Learned to trust the GPS, quite refreshing. Although it does not give you the bigger picture, it allows one to be adventurous without getting completely lost! Love the way the traffic just flows without any hooting or drama. Parking in Venice completely full, so we had to train in. 4th floor, no lift, great views, need oxygen! Only allowed one beer, topped up with supplies at local DeSpar. Beautiful Venice, delicious ice cream!