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    Porsche Day

    We decided to take the Flatnose and 996 for an outing to clear our minds and get some video footage.  “Pure emotion”, firing up the 996, reversing out the garage, slowly crawling down the street allowing mechanicals to warmup, imaging Im a race driver taking my spot on the grid. What a way to start everyday, it never gets old.  The rigid chassis, rather lifting a wheel than flexing the body (out the driveway), windows down, sunroof open, precision gear selection and effortless drone from the flat six. Sensory overload.  After much confusion about our rendezvous point, all from my side, we enjoyed a good giggle at my expense over a coffee while…

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    2018 GoodWoodFOS – Gallery

    When Aston Martin offered Ray a private tour of their Facilities (Museum & Factory) and VIP Tickets to 25th celebration of GoodwoodFOS 2018, we simply had to oblige. So we extended our EURoadTrip2018 into the UK… Having missed the opportunity to attend the event back in 2015, the Aston Martin VIP Experience more than made up for that disappointment!  Porsche celebrating their 70th anniversary, claiming the traditional lawn pole display flaunting a mix of Porsche history, with Singer / Williams collaboration taking pride of place on the lawn.  Not to be outdone, sponsors BMW, showcasing their latest and greatest products in Goodwood House Courtyard.  Rubbing shoulders with celebrities,  race drivers and exotic machinery usually…