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    Porsche Day

    We decided to take the Flatnose and 996 for an outing to clear our minds and get some video footage.  “Pure emotion”, firing up the 996, reversing out the garage, slowly crawling down the street allowing mechanicals to warmup, imaging Im a race driver taking my spot on the grid. What a way to start everyday, it never gets old.  The rigid chassis, rather lifting a wheel than flexing the body (out the driveway), windows down, sunroof open, precision gear selection and effortless drone from the flat six. Sensory overload.  After much confusion about our rendezvous point, all from my side, we enjoyed a good giggle at my expense over a coffee while…

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    Scalino Blasted

    Scalino returned from blasting today. First sight was a bit of a shock revealing a lot more work and rust than originally visible. However, the important structural parts look very good. Suspension components have also had a makeover and look great. Let the hard work begin!

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    KTM 390 Duke, A Bike for all occassions

    As a dealer, a KTM dealer, I struggled to understand the 390 Duke positioning. Legally too much for under 18 and too little (read slow) for over 18. #preconceptions In my experience, naked bikes are not very practical in this country. Exposing the rider to unpleasantries on our long straight roads, unlike European congested towns or twisty country roads keeping speeds to an acceptable comfort level. I loved my first ride, on the original 390 Duke, chasing its bigger brother and Original Beast, 1290 Superduke R around the Cape Peninsula following the Argus Route. No contest on the fast flowing stuff, but a great dual in the tight twisties using little to no…