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    790 Reasons to attend EICMA 2017

    I have not been that tired since stalking my wife back in PE days. The first leg of our day flight to Milan, landed in Dubai at midnight. Up since 4am, watching terrible in flight movies, no sleep! Deprivation setting in. Time for a quick beer, ok two, on our stopover. R366…budget finished. As we boarded the Milan leg of our journey, still reeling from my beer tab, confusion & panic start setting in… so many questions: – #datapricesmust fall, what about #beerprices. This bothered me more than i should admit to. Not much gets between beer and I, but I could see this changing, for financial reasons! -how are we going to…

  • OneBeer
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    Bologna – Ducati – Venice

    After our first visit to Ducati in ten years, we explored the back roads to Venice. More dual way single track. Very Italian. Learned to trust the GPS, quite refreshing. Although it does not give you the bigger picture, it allows one to be adventurous without getting completely lost! Love the way the traffic just flows without any hooting or drama. Parking in Venice completely full, so we had to train in. 4th floor, no lift, great views, need oxygen! Only allowed one beer, topped up with supplies at local DeSpar. Beautiful Venice, delicious ice cream!

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    Meet the family

    Introducing the KTM 790 Duke and its bad brother in the making, KTM 790 Adventure Prototype. #readytorace #goodtimes #enoughsaid #cantcontainmyself