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    MotoGP-Qatar 2019

    I can confirm, 30 hours in Doha beats a 9 Hour layover at the airport, hands down. Especially when it includes an epic opening MotoGP! Thanks to the night race, we had time to explore our surrounds, and what a pleasant surprise Doha has been. Clean and peaceful, yet they get the job done. Makes one wonder what all the noise is about! As expected, the MotoGP did not disappoint. Never does. Hard to correlate the surprisingly small turnout with the massive following MotoGP enjoys, although made for a more intimate experience. Outstanding weekends racing set the bar high for the remainder of the trip. However, somehow I don’t see the 790 Adventure…

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    EURoadTrip2018 – World Ducati Week

    Blast from the past, great memories of WDW2002 come rushing back. 790 Duke stood their ground in a sea of red, loud & proud and very well received! Kudos to Ducati for allowing us into their domain! (I remember being upset about the non Ducati’s in the parking lot previously, I now have some sympathy for their situation!) Great to see the Ducati Brand growing from strength to strength, even Jorge made an appearance. Still a long way to travel with much to see and do, so we hit the road early. Popped into Pagani, Lamborghini & Enzo Ferrari Museums, decided to overnight in Modena. Mind blowing dinner!!! In desperate need of a…

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    EURoadTrip2018 – Goodwood Festival of Speed

    Last night I caught myself grinning like a teenager again, as I reflected on the weekends events. Kevin Anderson playing in the Wimbledon final, Brad Binder taking his first Moto2 victory and my very own travel buddy eclipsing 8 other Aston Martin VIP’s, from around the world, for the prized pillion seat in the Vulcan up the Hill at Goodwood Festival of Speed. Words escape me. What a day! Another first, overnight Ferry to France, let the roadtrip continue!!!

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    Speedweek 2014, Hakskeenpan

    This morning Facebook reminded me of this epic trip to Speedweek, Hakskeenpan. It all began over G&T’sat Vascos one Friday afternoon. Received a WhatsApp pic of Ray leaving Upington for Hakskeenpan. Showed the guys and before long we were making calls to charter a helicopter. Ok, maybe it was the G&T talking, or the two bottles of wine… No luck with the helicopter, so we decided to drive. Messaged Eamonn Sullivan to load an 1190R on a trailer and drop it at Andrew place and the rest is history. 4am departure with nothing but spare clothing, we realized we would need some camping equipment, at least a tent and some toiletries… Choosing to…