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    2019 Jaguar Simola HillClimb

    4th #JaguarSGC done and dusted. Still reeling from last years frantic experience, once again left everything to the last minute. Only managed to swap out cylinder head on Monday, rewired (more or less) the dashboard, fitted seats, rechromed lights & surrounds, before realizing the license had expired… Special word of gratitude and respect to my first wife, always by my side, navigating the challenges I drop in front of her, albeit understandably not always without complaint. Thanks for noticing and renewing license before leaving for knysna! #manofthematch Thanks Nik Pels for last minute stickers and master magician Wynando Adeleo Donaggi for grace under pressure and an excellent job as always, despite his own…

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    2018 Jaguar Simola Hill Climb

    Well that was one for the books. #theseareonlythehighlights Had my motor out three times in the last month chasing an oil problem. Collected car at 5pm on Thursday and decided to do the adult thing and withdraw from #JaguarSHC. Until I arrived home and watched a promo video of the guys setting up their pits… I had to go! Off to bed for me. Woke up at 00:00, jumped in the car and took an old school slow drive up the N1, R62, Swellendam to Knysna checking vitals in every town, with an almost full moon lighting the way. Arrived at 5:30, slept for an hour only to be woken by Craig &…

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    2017 Jaguar Simola Hill Climb

    Well, that did not go to plan, but thats racing as they say!!! At least I had a blast, experienced race pressure at a very high level with some of the best drivers in the country and had the privledge of sharing my pitts with some really great guys!! #losmuertos #deus #dutchman Instantly regretted not taking the car for a high speed test as the car coughed and spluttered on my first run. Wtf!!! We hardly skipped a beat during running in, why now! oh, because we racing… Called Wynand, my mechanic, while touring back to the pitts and immediately jumped into action to resolve various little issues. Not charging properly, advance timing,…

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    Hill Climb Departure

    The day has arrived, Ready To Race, or not! And not without the last minute problems… Started blowing fuses on Monday, but had to leave for KTM Conference before finding the short. Returned last night and managed to source the cause of the problem to the starter button! #fixed Quick oil change on the trailer this morning, before leaving for Knysna. After a long slow drive we arrived late for registration, scrutineering and without MSA License. Internet sorted that out quickly! Early start tomorrow means early to bed for a change! Hold thumbs, here goes nothing!!!

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    It feels like a gazillion hours since my last post, yet there is still so much to do! I think I am operating on California time I have had so little sleep. #neverfeltmorealive This time next week, I will be sipping on a well deserved beer watching The King of the Hill at Simola Knysna Hill Climb. Classic Friday will be a thing of the past. #butwillIbeatoneminute? Inspired by my new favorite DSTV program (Drive. Build. Dream.) on 189, I rush outside to photo document the latest developments of my, now very thirsty, baby. At which point I notice how much more there is to do!!! Door handles, Mirrors, Front grill, Reservoirs (Brake…