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Day 2: Day of Avoidance, long tiring day in the saddle avoiding dogs, pigs, goats, sheep, cows, horses, bulls, people, drunk people, taxis, drunk taxies, potholes and ruts. And I’m sure there was more…

Roadbook locked and loaded, courtesy of Steve from Steve’s in Port St Johns. Turns out this exploring thing can be massively time consuming, but equally rewarding. Looks like there has been some rain around, roads washed away or badly rutted.

Started out a cool 9 degrees, dipping to 7 before reaching a high of 27 degrees. Put the heated grips on turbo, closed my visor, what a pleasure. Comfort is everything on these trips.

Pushed on a bit after Coffee bay, only stopping for a lunch of champions along the way. Sugar rush!!!

Decided I shall name my 790 Adventure “The Silent Assassin”. Clearly of Scalpel DNA, killer instinct is there, just have to tickle the right spots! Gets the job done, silently, effortlessly. Getting better and better each km.

Played with settings, eventually settling on Rally Mode, switching between Rally and Street throttle response, traction control on 1 allowing me to take in the scenery, but still have fun safely, whether chugging up steep a gravel incline without breaking traction or containing exuberant rear wheel drift.

790 impressed beyond measure today. Cornering ABS definitely saved a lapse in concentration early in the day, simply brake harder and turn in, no drama. Suspension soaking up the terrain like a rockstar, although harsh ruts are more noticeable, compared to the R, due to the shorter stroke suspension. Hate to admit it, but the screen is by far the biggest revelation. Not a fan of taller screens, it certainly does its job, well! Pirelli STR doing a sterling job, two big impacts on the front rim, thankfully no (visible) damage.

Other than taxis swerving, generally in my direction (I’m starting to take it personally), to avoid potholes, a great day in the saddle.

Overnight at Wavecrest Beach Hotel & Spa, beautiful sunset, who knows where we sleeping tomorrow!

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