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    EURoadTrip2018 – Mattighofen

    So I watched “The Bike Show” this week, the first time ever!!! because they reviewed my current favorite bike, the 790 Duke. For the most part I was loving the show and couldn’t agree more with Matt Duran’s sentiments, although my heart skipped a beat and I have to admit I checked my pulse when Donovan Fourie suggested “if you bought one of these to do ANY long distance touring, you should probably not be allowed to breathe!” You see, I’m about to do the best 5000km roadtrip of my life… on a 790 Duke! He must be right I thought, after all he is on tv. And the internet! Too late to…

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    EURoadTrip2018 – Stuttgart

    Pouch fitted, we left for Stuttgart, via Munich Airport, destination Porsche Museum. I have new respect for Navigational Racers! Following GPS instructions, on the wrong side of the road, traffic buzzing around you, traffic lights to contend with, all the while not losing your riding buddy! Not much time left to take in the beautiful surroundings! not much time to think about anything else either. Loving it, although I’ve never been so happy to see “85km, turn right”. (Only to almost miss the turning) Did not give any prior thought of what to expect upon arrival at the Porsche Museum… what a pleasant surprise. The Brand just keeps growing on me!!! I’m “Infected”…

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    EURoadTrip2018 – Hockenheim – Nurburgring

    Sunday,8 July 2018, a day to remember. My wife will tell me I am being melodramatic, my mother would tell me I am just “ongewoond” (and complicated!). This post and photos, do not do the day, facilities, surroundings, bikes and especially the experience any justice. I’m trying not to hyperventilate as I recall easily one of the biggest days of my life. Last minute decision to visit Hockenheim Racing Museum enroute to ‘The Ring’. Instinctively knew the day would be good as we carved our way through back roads towards the Autobahn, ‘Scalpel’ in its natural domain, effortlessly soaking up the winding countryside roads. Lovely flowing riding. Mildly disappointed in the Motor Racing…

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    EURoadTrip2018 – Belgium

    At breakfast we met manager Taryn, a South African whose husband (both from Cape Town) is a driving Instructor at RSR Performance. Obviously, like teenagers, we nonchalantly told her about our previous days antics, to which she was absolutely gobsmacked exclaiming “no experience on the ring, first time ever, you do it on motorcycles, on a public Sunday!” She was speechless. Sort of put things into perspective and the high started all over again. So we went back to get some souvenirs. Running low on packing space! Relaxed liaison to La Louvière, for birthday dinner and good times with old friends, via Spa Francorchamps, great time to reflect on events so far and…

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    EURoadTrip2018 – UK

    Last year I learned to trust the GPS, besides a few early turns (my own fault), it has been reliable. Until yesterday. Routed me into truck euro crossing. Frustrating waste of time, but we survived. First ever EuroTunnel Crossing. 25 minutes crossing at 110Euro, yes, but don’t forget the 45minute wait and boarding process. Great time for a power nap. Pretty slick operation! Switching back to left hand side of road is not as seemless as one would expect. Lot to be said about attacking a roundabout from the right, althoughs locals seem to frown apon it! Popped into Brands Hatch on our way up. Another awesome facility with multiple activities on the…

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    EURoadTrip2018 – Alfaholics

    Special day at the much anticipated Holy Grail, Alfaholics! Unannounced we received a warm welcome and tour through the facilities! might have been the rain! Impressive levels of stock for 105 Alfa’s, dispatched all over the world! Carbon, aluminum and magnesium trick bits, need to rob a bank. £250k builds… Let the images speak for themselves. Struggling to understand how the chop managed to get out of his car without inflicting damage upon his person! although he did walk funny…