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    Durban – Port St Johns

    What to do when the wife goes to visit her sister for two weeks…. freight your bike to KTM Durban, fly in and ride it back through the Transkei exploring new places. Not as straight forward as that thanks to airline delays and running out of fuel… but all part of the adventure nonetheless. Added some minor updates (comfort and styling) to my 790 Adventure, with Adventure R seat, heated grips, white hand guards, Akrapovic Slipon, KTM Power Parts pouch, Pirelli STR tyres and Rally Mode for improved control. Day 1, Durban to Port St Johns tar liaison to cover distance and maximize time in Transkei. Turned off N2 at Pennington and followed…

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    Port St Johns -WaveCrest

    Day 2: Day of Avoidance, long tiring day in the saddle avoiding dogs, pigs, goats, sheep, cows, horses, bulls, people, drunk people, taxis, drunk taxies, potholes and ruts. And I’m sure there was more… Roadbook locked and loaded, courtesy of Steve from Steve’s in Port St Johns. Turns out this exploring thing can be massively time consuming, but equally rewarding. Looks like there has been some rain around, roads washed away or badly rutted. Started out a cool 9 degrees, dipping to 7 before reaching a high of 27 degrees. Put the heated grips on turbo, closed my visor, what a pleasure. Comfort is everything on these trips. Pushed on a bit after…

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    WaveCrest – Port Alfred

    Slow start to the day, soaking up the sunrise sipping my cappuccino. Problem with new generation bikes, their range is so good, refueling is no longer the first thing on your mind! Painted myself into a corner trying to find the pont to cross over into Morgan Bay and had to double back while running low on fuel. Again. That moment your senses are altered because you have isolated yourself and suddenly the bike won’t lift off the side stand. Thinking someone is holding the bike and about to accost you, cautiously check the rear view mirrors. Nothing. Look down in relief to see your foot firmly planted on the side stand. 🙈…

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    Port Alfred – Oudtshoorn

    Great day in the saddle, lost in my thoughts, missed the baviaans turnoff, took the Langkloof alternate road and met my riding buddy in Oudshoorn. Uneventful day with an unbelievable twist, thanks to my good mate Alex J Jackson of Kaapstad Motorcycle Tours and Safari’s for hooking us up with last minute accomodation at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge. Greeted by Andries, the owner, who purchased and developed the property himself, clearly passionate about conservation. A wealth of information and toe curling inspiration! Words cannot describe this experience. I think I’m moving here!! Our world needs more Andries!

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    Oudtshoorn – Cape Town

    Glamping over, we headed out toward Kango Caves and down to Groenrivier, Calitzdorp and Zeweweekspoort. All in all an epic trip with some great memories. Glad to be home, miss my boys, especially after the elephant hugs! If your job is remotely as stressful as mine, I encourage you to get out and make time to experience our beautiful country. Travel shorter distances allowing time to stop frequently and check out the amazing experiences on offer. As for the Silent Assassin, for now it will take pride of place in the next to the Scalpel in my three bike garage. Thanks for following, where to next !!!